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ProjectsExcel class – what if analysis – due thurs (10/14)

August 28, 2022by admin0


Topic: What-If Analysis (2 spreadsheets – records/loans) / Reflection Paper

Format/Length: 2 Spreadsheets – 2.1 Records & 2.2 Loans | 1 Paper – APA Format / 1-2 pages

Due: 12 pm EST – Thursday, October 13th

Info: Please see the attached assignment details and spreadsheet templates. Please read assignment details carefully.  


1. Project2.1_Records.xlsx.file.
2. Project2.2_Loans.xlsx.file.
3. Project Reflection (see below).


a. What is the main purpose of using goal seek?
b. What were your additional amounts for monthly payments (in Part 1, Item 2), and what were the corresponding interest rates that Goal Seek found for each?
c. What decisions would you need to make when creating a worksheet to evaluate and analyze data?
d. What is one advantage of using scenarios?
e. What should you do before creating a scenario report to make the entries on the report easier to interpret?
f. What are the changing cells in a scenario?

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