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ProjectsMilestone four: risk management and organizational change

August 28, 2022by admin0

Milestone Four: Risk Management and Organizational Change (Section IV) In Module Seven, you will submit a draft of your organizational change strategy. You will be required to evaluate the risk management programs and procedures implemented at WeaveTech in order to develop your strategy. Your strategy must consider risks and due diligence activities associated with mergers and acquisitions that would be relevant for this organization. Your evaluation and strategy should take into account both the technical and behavioral changes the organization will face now and in the future. Be sure to focus on how organizational change will impact the personnel of the organization.



Use the following guiding questions while analyzing WeaveTech before thoroughly covering each critical element listed in Section IV: 1. What are the potential legal risks associated with the downsizing situation facing WeaveTech?

2. How are these risks similar to or different from those in a merger or acquisition?

3. What policies should be developed to mitigate these risks?

4. What due diligence would occur during a downsizing, merger, or acquisition?

5. Describe the change management issues that would occur during a downsizing, merger, or acquisition.

6. What change management model would be most effective for WeaveTech to utilize? Why?


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