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ProjectsResearch paper- exe project | Computer Science homework help

August 28, 2022by admin0

You are the new project / quality manager at Health Clinic Quality Improvement Experts LLC, a local company for the past 12 years in the Indianapolis, IN area.  Your first assignment will be for the Dr. Donald Snickerbush, Hamilton County, Colonoscopy Clinic. The clinic has five teams performing colonoscopies at their Carmel, IN facility. Each team consist of an Admittance Expert, a Triage and Preparation Nurse, an Anesthesiologist, a Procedure Nurse, a Proctologist, a Post Procedure Nurse Specialist and a Closure Nurse. The clinic has the ability and facilities to run five lines of work at any one point in time and a separate patient arrival area / waiting room. The clinic has some concerns as to its business and increasing revenue as well as the quality of its services.Our Corporate / Six Sigma Project Objectives in this engagement include:

  • Reduce the number of colonoscopy process errors system wide.
  • Improve documentation of colonoscopy administration.
  • Reduce waste in product and time in colonoscopy administration.
  • Improve patient satisfaction with their colonoscopy experience.
  • Improve bed flow for patients receiving a colonoscopy.

Our overall objective is to increase our patient turn-around per day while at the same time increasing our patient customer satisfaction results, increasing our clientele and decreasing medical errors.In order to complete the needed objectives we will apply a Six Sigma full DMAIC process. Please see the documents to be created for the project below. As a team, it is extremely important to all of you that you participate in the creation of every document listed below in some way.  That you leave this course with the knowledge of what that document is for and what it typically contains. You will need to create all of the documents as a team and you will use those documents to create slides for your project status presentation using Power Point.

  1. Define the Process by Developing Process Maps (Saturday)- Talk about current situation for the procedure. How is colonoscopy conducted in the clinic in present?? 
  2. Measure – Determine What Variables We Will Study (Saturday)- variable like patient infection rate, number of patients who needs extend their stay due to medical complications, Adenoma detection rate, repeat patients for routine screening, Patients complaining of bleeding after procedure, patient turnaround can be used to determine if six sigma is useful 
  3. Measure – Create a Plan to Collect the Data (Saturday) –documentation and survey  
  4. Analyze – Look for What Might be Causing the Problem———————- (SIPOC table from 
  5. Analyze – Verify the Cause(s) of the Problem (Saturday) —— RCA of delays, Fishbone diagram showing possible errors which can happen due to errors from patient, technician, doctors etc. 
  6. Improve – Brainstorm Solutions That Might Fix the Problem and Select the Practical Solutions (Saturday) —————– you can use Risk remediation for ideas 

APA Format Required and PPT required

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