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ProjectsInstructions | Computer Science homework help

October 9, 2022by admin0

Instructions: Object Oriented Programming You are going to enhance the application by creating two main classes 1- Create a class for the math ( “+”,”-“) operations — name the class “MathOp” 2- Extend the class using inheritance to include (“*”,””) name the class “MathOp2” 3- Create the following class/function when select a line from the list box, the user should be able to modify the values/operations and save it to the listbox/database Let’s say the user clicked on “1+3=4” , the values 1,3 should be displayed in the input text boxes. Submission Instructions: Develop an Object Oriented documentation that include the following 1- List of all classes and their purposes 2- Relationship between classes 3- Data dictionary for each class, method and the return type of each method 4- Optionally you can develop an UML (Unified Modeling Language) using any of these tools:- Ms Word, Visio, or UML toolkit



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