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ProjectsWhat is the role of principles or rules claiming universal

October 9, 2022by admin0

 The topic is ‘What is the role of principles or rules claiming universal application in ethical matters, e.g. in regard to dilemmas faced by physicians? Are some principles, in fact universally applicable; or is our proper purpose with general principles for action merely to summarise overlapping consensus existing amongst significant parties in society, e.g. to guide proper medical-practice some things you need to do: Focus on the Kant v. Kierkegaard debate.. Make sure you have a strong thesis statement. Make sure your paper is organized around the thesis-statement, working to support it. Include numerous references, with page numbers. Try to use quotations. Try to reference your textbook. When your paper needs an in-text reference: give a quotation with a page-number. Then follow this up with a paraphrase of what you think the quotation means. Ideally, supply both the quotation and the paraphrase… It is indeed very, very important to use primary sources and to use secondary sources from outside our classroom only to clarify primary sources. You have to use MLA style.  

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