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ProjectsCreate your own simple website to

October 24, 2022by admin0

Create your own simple website to demonstrate your HTML and CSS skills. You can choose any topic for your

website as long as it is appropriate for class (professional).

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• Include at least one image.

• Include at least two custom, linked pages. See grading rubric posted to Canvas for grading details.

Pages may link to other, outside pages, but 2 custom pages with content must be included.

• Include a stylesheet.

• Creation of a shared, private github repository – add ‘svlasnik-uno’ as a Collaborator. This step should

have been completed in Task 2 above.

• Push all html, image files, and css files to your new github Activity 2 repository.

Pushing Your Files to GitHub:

• Be sure to preview your website frequently as you are building it. If you make changes after pushing

files to GitHub, you will need to update the repo by pushing the updated files via GitHub Desktop.

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