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ProjectsYou should submit a paper proposal of no less than 500 words. this

October 24, 2022by admin0


You should submit a paper proposal of no less than 500 words.

This will be a preliminary discussion of the topic for your research paper (see the syllabus for more on the paper itself). The proposal should give an overview of the problem (i.e. what’s the moral issue?), and also give a sketch of your argument. Remember that your topics need to involve or be associated with business or economics. For example, writing about gun control would not be an appropriate topic. However, writing about whether or not major retailers should sell guns would be acceptable. In short, make sure your topic has to do with business and/or economics.

Of course, since this is just the proposal, you do not need to have done all the research you intend to do yet – but there should be some indications that you have done at least some of it.

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