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ProjectsNegative message – writing homework

October 30, 2022by admin0


XtremityPlus is known for its outlandish extreme-sports products, and the Looney Launch is no exception.  Fulfilling the dream of every childhood daredevil, the Looney Launch is an aluminum and fiberglass contraption that quickly unfolds to create the ultimate bicycle jump. The product has been selling as fast as you can make it, even though it comes plastered with warning labels proclaiming that its use is inherently dangerous.  As XtremityPlus’s CEO, you were nervous about introducing this product, and your fears were just confirmed:  You’ve been notified of the first lawsuit by a parent whose child broke several bones after crash-landing off a Looney Launch.


Your task:

Write a post for your internal blog, explaining that the Looney Launch is being removed from the market immediately.  Tell your employees to expect some negative reactions from enthusiastic customers and retailers, but explain that (a) the company can’t afford the risk of additional lawsuits and (b) even for XtremityPlus, the Looney Launch pushes the envelope a bit too far.  The product is simply too dangerous to sell in good conscience.



Although this message will be distributed internally, it will still be important to avoid including any comments you would not want the public to see.  The primary goals are to prepare employees for the negative reaction that will follow removing the Looney Launch from production, and to help them understand the reasons behind your decision.



-No words requirement.

-Max three fourth of the page

-It is a letter to your organization

-It is due tomorrow at 11 am (CA time), so you will have 7 to 8 hours to finish it


Thank you


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